Annual Conference 2023 - Warsaw, Poland

The 36th Annual Businet Conference was be held in Warsaw, Poland, between the 8th and 11th November.

Keynote Presentations

Peter Wollaert - How to become SDG-Proof as higher education institution? The quest for sustainability - From curricula and research to assessment and systemic change

Pieter Van Boheemen - Artificial Intelligence is transforming Higher Education

Smiltė Juraitė - Unleashing the Power of Personal Branding: A Path to Greater Success for Students and Academics,

Stuart Moss - Stakeholder perspectives of feedback in higher education


Workshop Presentations

Peter Wollaert - Sustainable PCA2030. A trajectory to become SDG-Proof

Malgorzata Woch - DIGital AGE transformation for employees - How to keep up to date with the requirements of today’s labour market

Isinisu Atayla - Organising successful international weeks that captivate the guest lecturers and the students

Michel Demonceau - Beyond Basics: Strategies for Helping Incoming Students Master Specialised Vocabulary

Katarzyna Jaszczuk - “Money Matters” Financial Literacy Workshop

Tibor Voros - Simulations in Education: Transforming Case Studies

Mindaugas Samuolaitis - Life Logistics

Pieter Van Boheemen - Artificial Intelligence in Action

Andreas Fjord Bonven & Carsten Andersen - Bringing home take-away(s)

Siegmund Leducq - The infusion of gamification into digital learning environments, G4C project

Paul Raby - “Beyond the Lecture Hall: Creating and Navigating an Inclusive Excursions Abroad”

Jorge Gutierrez - International Accreditations for Small & Medium Academic Institutions

Griet Barrezeele and Patrick De Mazière - How to use Basecamp for effective communication and collaboration

Ria Slingerland and Chris Young - Bridging the Global North-South Gap by an Erasmus Funded KA171 project

Smiltė Juraitė - Personal Branding in Action: Building Your Unique Identity

Pawel Urgacz and Deniss Ščeulovs - Building a More Inclusive University: The Importance of Gender Equality in the Light of Accreditation Standards

Mikkel Lodahl & Rick Verhagen - Process over Result – assessment in an era of AI generated products

Benedetta Podestà - The Metaverse: Illusion or reality? Risks and perspectives

Dr Allan Lawrence - Using Teaching Cases to support future entrepreneurs of Europe - EntreMWB

Greiet Barezeele, Ayşe Deniz ÖZKAN and Nina Turčin - The Role of Virtual Reality to enhance International Competencies: VR4Skills