2019 Student Conference - Thinking Employability

Businet has hosted a student conference annually for over 20 years. The student event is designed to enable you to interact with new people, from difference cultural backgrounds, to work and play together in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. You will also get the chance to travel to Stirling to sample Experiential Learning* in a different environment. The concept of bringing students from different countries and institutes together to network and learn has been one that Businet has championed since 1997.  In 2017 a review of the venue and programme led to the further evolution of the event.

The "Thinking Employability" event 2019 features a programme that will:

  • identify and explore Employability Skills
  • encourage Reflective Thinking
  • provide the opportunity to sample Experiential Learning
  • introduce the concept of Emotional Intelligence.
  • assist students to identify and develop skills and self-awareness through reflection

The programme will be delivered by members of industry and by academics in the disciplines that underpin the conference aims.

In Edinburgh the conference events will be held in centrally located, prestigious venues.

A dedicated App will be made available before the conference to help delegates get maximum benefit from the event and to assist with communication between delegates.

There are 110 places available.  Up to 30 September there will be a maximum of 5 home students per institute, plus up to 5 "guest" students from outside of the home country, currently studying at your institute. If places remain at 30 September that allocation will increase.

   *Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience and is more specifically defined as “learning through reflection of doing”

Student Conference Leaflet

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Taylor - Welcome Businet Student Conference 2019

Taylor - Introducing the Conference 2019

Taylor - Getting the Most from the Conference 2019

Moss - An Introduction to Employability Skills

Moss - Employability Skills

Lyon - Utopia Student Conference 2019

Lyon - Leadership - an overview

Lyon - ExpLearn Evaluation

Lyon - Experiential Learning

Limbach - Taking control of your future

Allan - Skills

De With - ATWORK workshop Edinburgh - SGD in ACTION