Businet was established in 1987 when the 16 founding members decided to set up a network of higher education institutions to promote and develop the business curriculum and to stimulate and support mobility arrangements.

7 of these founding members remain as members today (current name of institutes):

  • EPHEC Brussels
  • Thomas More University College Kempen
  • University College Leuven-Limburg
  • Thomas More University College Mechelen
  • St Charles College Madrid
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • New College Durham

As it has evolved, Businet has acquired a unique identity. The membership count has grown and it is no longer purely a European network. Today we can boast of members in India, China and South Africa. Our objective is to expand the network internationally.

The organisation is built around successful networking. It is our aim that members are able to find like-minded individuals amongst fellow members in order to promote their own activities.

The annual Businet conference plays a significant part in the networking of the organisation. The conference has grown significantly from modest but pioneering beginnings. Now over 200 individuals from 80 plus member institutions meet to explore topics of mutual interest. It has become a place to meet new and old friends. The members often refer to the network as the ‘Businet family’ and that is something the network is very proud of.