Businet Fellowships

At the anniversary conference in 2011 held in Istanbul, Businet fellowships were established.

It was decided that Businet Fellowships would be awards granted annually at the discretion of the Board. The criterion applied by the Board in determining the granting of a fellowship is that the individual nominated has in the unanimous opinion of the Board made an exceptional contribution in their support of the aims and work of the organisation.

At the 2011 event two well-respected and long-standing representatives of Businet member institutes were awarded the inaugural Businet Fellowships. The Fellowships were awarded to Maryline Chambat from Lycée Tézenas du Montcel and Agnes Dillien from Thomas More Kempen.

Since then further fellows have been established in subsequent events.

The full list of fellows is now

  • Agnes Dillien
  • Maryline Chambat
  • Kurt Hans Kuehling (Deceased)
  • Stefan Schenke
  • John Ellison
  • Paul Lesaffre
  • Luc Vanhille
  • Jytte Mansfeld
  • Hans Van Oudheusden
  • Griet t'Servranckx
  • Petra Gillis
  • Eddy Brune
  • Carina Saelen
  • Ingeborg Kuehling-Garfield
  • Anja Nagel
  • Nico Njesten
  • Rob de With
  • Griet Barrezeele
  • Jean-Michel Gregoire
  • Jantien Belt
  • Brigitte Luyten
  • David Taylor

Fellowships are awarded each year at the annual conference.