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Marketing and International Trade

The Marketing and International Trade working group aims to exchange good practices concerning student and teacher mobility. The group is looking for new ideas for the MINT study area and internationalisation and is organising "Busidays" at different universities in different countries.

Working Group Chair / Co Chairs

Eddy Brune

HELMo Haute École Libre Mosane Liège

Hilde Evers

UCLL University College Leuven-Limburg

Aims of Working Group

·       Exchange of good practices concerning student and teacher mobility

·       Looking for new ideas for the HEDMINT study area and internationalisation

·       Organisation of “Busidays” in different universities. (Busidays are low cost, short intensive programmes, bringing together students from different institutions across the network)

·       Organisation of International Trade Missions: 1 mission to Bangkok (Thailand) and 1 mission to Durham (UK)

Profile of Working Group Members

Teaching staff, international coordinators dealing with students and teachers of the field of marketing and international trade.

Activities of the Working Group

Activities in past 12 months (to August 2018)

·       Working group at Vilamoura Conference 2017

·       Spring Workshop in Breda  (April 2018)

·       “Busidays” activities in different universities.

·       Virtual meetings to follow-up on the Trade Mission project

·       International Trade Mission in Bilbao (Spain) (March 2018)


Planned activities for 2018-2019 (August 2018 to July 2019)

·       Working group meetings at Tallinn conference (November 2018)

·       “Busidays” and international weeks in different universities

·       Preparatory meeting of Trade Mission Thailand in ‘s Hertogenbosch (December 2018)

·       Virtual follow-up meetings on the Trade Mission projects

·       International Trade Mission in Bangkok (Thailand) (2-14 March 2019)

·       International Trade Mission in Durham (UK) (3-8 March 2019)

·       Spring workshop (Spring 2019)