Ljubljana: Mission Accomplished!

Another successful Businet Student International Trade Mission and Trade Fair. This one

took place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from 10 to 15 March 2024.

The edition 2024 was organized for around 100 students from 13 different Universities of

Applied Sciences: UCLL, Howest University of Applied Sciences, Hogent,

Arteveldehogeschool, Henallux, IUT Quimper, Lycée Notre Dame d’Espérance,

Camarabilbao, NHLStendhen, InHolland, Kaunokolegija, ESCS Portugal and GEA College.

(Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania and Slovenia)

From Monday 11 March on, students have been doing prospection for the companies they

represented. They were all guests at the GEA college where they practiced their sales pitch

in front of a larger student audience.

Then, in Ljubljana, since Monday till Friday, they had appointments with potential

prospects to their companies. The apotheosis was on Thursday 14 March with the

International Trade Fair at Austria Trend hotel.

It was a real opportunity for all of them to develop cross cultural and international trading

skills: a real integrated approach of the reality of today’s Business world!

Written by: Dominique Ropson (Henallux) HedMINT Working Group Published on: 4th June 2024

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