Businet Law Game








2021 - 10th Edition


The 10th edition of the Businet Law Game
will be played on
Wednesday 8 December 2021


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2020 - 9th Edition

The 9th edition of the Businet Law game was be played on
Thursday 10 December 2020

Four students from HTW-Berlin, 5 students from UAS Ghent, 2 students from JHS in Tilburg and 2 students from UCLeuven were mixed in 4 groups and competed for the victory of the 9th edition of the Businet Law Game. 

The Law Game was based on a completely fictional case which contains elements related to the free movement of goods and persons. 

The team of Uri Dittmar (HTW-Berlin), Athena Valotto (HoGent) and Frederike Bode (JH-Tilburg) won the law Game with a score of 13/20.