BMC 2024

Businet Moot Court    *    Gent  -  Belgium
HoGent - UAS

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Written round:
Starts on week 49, 2023 
until 16 February 2024

Oral rounds:
25 - 29  March  2024
- Group stage: 26 & 27 March 2024
- Knockout stage: 28 March 2024


The Businet Moot Court (BMC) competition
is divided in 2 rounds:
1 written round and 1 oral round

The written round

  • starts on 8 December 2023 with the publication of the case to be solved.
  • Teams that want to participate send in conclusions concerning the case published on this web page. The conclusion contains the viewpoints of the applicant and of the defendant.
  • During the written round teams can use all means and sources necessary to solve the case.
  • Cnclusion must be sent in on Friday 16 February 2024, at the latest.

The oral round 2024

  • Will take place in Ghent from 25 until 29 March 2024 and consists of 2 stages.
  • In the group stage, max 12 teams compete within 2 or 3 groups of each 4 or 5 teams.
  • Each group plays a round-robin tournament, in which each team is scheduled for pleadings against the other teams in that particular group.
  • The knockout stage is an elimination tournament in which teams of one group will battle teams from the other group(s) in one-off pleadings. This stage consists of pre-quarter-, quarter- and semi-finals.
  • The winners of both semi-finals will battle each other in the grand-final.

!!  BEWARE !!

Businet and HoGent take no liability for any costs arising from force majeure measures that would occur during any of the BMC rounds.

Participants are urged to comply with all
government prescriptions or regulations (travelling, lodging, vacines...),
to take the required precautions and to take out necessary or additional insurance.




  • For organizational reasons 12 is the maximum number of teams allowed.
  • If more than 12 teams send in conclusions, the BMC administrator will select teams to the oral rounds, based on the quality of the send in conclusions.
  • Friday 16 February 2024: last day to send in Written conclusions
  • Monday 19 February 2024:
    - Announdement of selected teams
    - Start online registration: 
  • Friday 23 February 2024:
    - Last day to complete online registration
    - and make payments
  • Teams from non-Businet partner institutions, can participate if they contact the BMC administrator.
  • Each team MUST appoint a referee.
  • Minimum number of students per team is 3
    Maximum number of students per team is 5


Updated on 29 November 2023  -  Remarks or Information: N. Nijsten