Businet Virtual Annual Conference

2020 was an exceptional and exceedingly difficult year for everyone. The Businet Conference that was due to be held in November had to be rescheduled until March 2021. Circumstances dictated that this also had to be postponed. As an alternative a Virtual Businet Annual Conference will be held from 8 to 11 March.


Every day at 10.00 CET from Monday 8 March to Thursday 11 March there will be a 30-minute keynote address with time for questions after the initial presentation.

On Monday 08 March Dr Helge Fischer from the Technical University of Dresden, who is the “Principal Investigator for Digital Learning and Gaming Cultures” at the university, will present on “Gaming in Business (and) Education: The potential of Gamification in the curriculum and in organisational development”. Helge is published in this area and is currently undertaking further research into the topic. Click here for more information.

On Tuesday 09 March Paul Guest from Orientra, the consultancy he established, will look at the new Erasmus+ programmes, sharing his knowledge and expertise with attendees. The content of the keynote will be influenced by the anticipated EU announcements about the new programmes. Paul has recently acted as an external evaluator in two projects that Businet are involved with and his advice and direction are invaluable. Background information is available by clicking here.

On Wednesday 10 March Dr. Hilde Vandenhoudt, the title of Hildes keynote is Leadership in times of trouble. The power of agility and resilience during a double crisis at Mekelle University, Ethiopia". You will find details of an abstract of the presentation by clicking here and click here to find a biography of the keynote speaker.

On Thursday 11 March Nadine Burquel of BCS Consult will share her thoughts on Educating for employability. Nadine will explore innovations in the curriculum and preparing students for a labour market in which very different skills are/will be needed in the future. A full abstract is available by clicking here.


One of the features of Businet is the willingness of members to share. A manifestation of this is at Businet conferences where members share good practice, exciting developments and demonstrate the creativity, skills and knowledge that is inherent among our Businet Members.

Workshop 1 8th March   11.00-11.45

Pio Fenton - Munster Technological University (Cork) 

Recognition of Prior Learning: Case Studies for Cohort Groups

Pio, a new member of Businet, has carried out a lot of work considering and applying the recognition of Prior Learning. In this workshop he will share his knowledge and discuss issues with attendees. For more information click here.

Workshop 2 8th March   11.45-12.30

Newcomers Welcome Meeting

There are many new Businet members who have joined the community since our last conference in 2019. We are hosting an event to introduce the network to those members and ask existing members to come along in order that they can meet and be met by our new members.


Workshop 3 9th March   11.00-11.45

Details to follow


Workshop 4 9th March   11.45-12.30

Mario Demets - HOWEST

Good practices about the logistics business game 

Mario will share his experiences as part of an established multi-player business game – the TLHub Business game A number of Businet members are involved with the game and three teams from the top 5 in the “game” were representing Businet member institutes – in fact Howest had 2 teams in the top 5 groups. For more information click here.


Workshop 5 10th March   11.00-11.45

Rob de With - Atworksolutions

Explanation of the globalgoals.community platform

Details to follow


Workshop 6 10th March   11.45-12.30

Aleidis Devillé and Luc Wilms  Thomas More Kempen


MaxiPAC is a KA2 project dealing with the obligation that higher education must improve access to higher education for third country nationals and refugees. This is an obligation of the Bologna and Lisbon declarations. The project has partners in Belgium, Greece, Italy and Finland.

The workshop will examine how a HEI can deal with this subject and explain how to deal with socio-cultural matters because we are all (lecturers, international coordinators) involved in this. 


Workshop 7 11th March   11.0011.45

Griet t’Servranckx, Laurence Leonard, Mariana Pereira, Sabien Van Rampelberg

COIL Busiskills – Health&Social Matters working group

The Busiskills project is a product of the Health and Social Matters working group. Members of the working group team will give a practical explanation of the initiative and how the project is developing. It is a model that could be considered and adapted for other working groups.

Starting from a traditional International Week with multidisciplinary partners from health and social work faculties, we took the opportunity to broaden our story and lift cooperation to new concepts of hybrid or entirely virtual learning.  Student teams tackle a research question in the Wellbeing@work scope, develop their research and learning in co-creation, with a focus on International Competences (ICOMs). 

Busiskills became a model that is constantly evolving, via a thorough evaluation after each edition, we are constantly seeking for improvement to preserve the quality in our fast growing project. Our ultimate aim stays to turn students into strong and resilient professionals.


Workshop 8 11th March   11.45-12.30

Thomas Koehler TU Dresden, Allan Lawrence PBB, David Taylor Businet

The Third Way Project

The Third Way project is an Erasmus KA2 project funded by the EU. Businet and a number of Businet members are involved in the project. The Third Way aims to“create innovative and accessible learning programmes that support understanding and awareness of social enterprise. The curriculum devised will be available in digital form such as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) or through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) via a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as well as delivered as innovative face-to-face programmes of study.”

This workshop will introduce the project and the 8 MOOC’s being developed in the project and demonstrate how the modules will be delivered. These modules will be open access and accessible to be used by all member institutes.



Working Groups

The working groups are the cornerstone of the Businet network. 12 working groups will meet as part of the conference.

Monday 8th March

13.00 IRM

15.00 Internationalisation at Home


Tuesday 9th March

13.00 STEM

13.00 Health and Social Matters

15.00 Tourism


Wednesday 10th March

13.00 Entrepreneurship

13.00 Intercom

15.00 Interdisciplinary


Thursday 11th March

13.00 Law

15.00 Research

15.00 ICT


Monday 15th March

17.00 Marketing


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