End of an Era...

A fond farewell

Businet members from across the network bid a fond farewell and paid heartfelt tributes to the outgoing General Manager David Taylor at the 36th Annual Conference in Warsaw last week.

Attending his first Businet Conference in Madrid back in 1994 David was invited to become General Manager of the network back in 1999.  During his time as General Manager, David has worked with 8 different Presidents and has been involved in the organisation of every conference since the turn of the century in 2000.

At the 35th Conference in Mainz in 2022 David was awarded a Super Fellowship of the network by then President Agnes Dillien, Businet's longest serving member.  Emotional tributes were paid to the retiring General Manager, with working groups and the board presenting their own personal dedications, sharing stories and special memories.

The David Taylor Education Award has been established to acknowledge the huge contribution David has made to the Businet network throughout his career, as a lasting tribute to David's passion for education and his dedication to providing the very best student experience and outcomes.  This bi-annual award will presented by the Board to support an educational charity of their choice to improve the educational opportunities for students in the most challenging of circumstances.  David paid his own personal tribute to his familiy who have supported him through his Businet journey and with whom he can now spend some quality time without his phone constantly in his hand. A General Manager that will be missed but whose legacy will live on.

After dedicating a large part of his working life to the network, a network that bears the hallmark of his leadership and the legacy of a thriving 'businet family', David leaves the network in a strong position and in the capable hands of his successors, Yvonne Farrand - General Manager and Griet Barrezeele - Deputy General Manager.

The conference in Warsaw marked the end of an era and the start of new beginnings for his retirement and some well deserved free time in which to explore some more of the world he hasn't already covered. At his final AGM David enjoyed a standing ovation with members joining in their thanks for a job well done and to wish their General Manager a long and happy retirement.

Written by: Yvonne Farrand Published on: 11/23/2023

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