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Game 4 Change

Next Generation Entrepreneurship

Game 4 Change Project is an EU project designed to address the training of educators to gamify their classrooms or create playful learning situations by themselves.

Gamification can build essential skills for future managers such as managing uncertainty, collaborating, and competing with peers. Using games has a long tradition in Business Education yet no systematic strategy on training educators to gamify their classroom.

The project aims to create a study programme ‘Next generation Entrepreneurship’ which considers applications of gamification in business education and provide training, materials, and best practices in the area of gamification for teachers.  (3 modules - 3 ECTS each – Total 9 ECTS). 

  • A methodology of Gamification and guidelines for playful learning design in area of Business Education and Entrepreneurship.
  • Online learning platform housing the methods, guidelines, and game-based teaching practices.
  • Teacher training materials which including Step by Step to enable Teachers to find best practice and develop gamification scenarios for their teaching. 

The project partnership made up of 6 Universities from 5 countries including Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Poland with businet as dissemination partner and Co-ordinated by TU Dresden.

Game4Change is an Erasmus+ Community Partnership project. The project began in November 2022 and will run for 3 years. 


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