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Working Group Chair / Co Chairs

Barbara Brooijmans


Marij Spiesschaert


Aims of Working Group

  • The aim of the working group is to provide a forum where interdisciplinary issues can be discussed and interdisciplinary projects can be set up.
  • Exchange of good practices concerning interdisciplinary projects – virtual and others.

Profile of Working Group Members

People (teaching staff, programme managers, researchers) believing that interdisciplinary teaching and projects increase student learning and student skills.

Activities of the Working Group

Previous Events 2017/18

  • First Working group at Villamoura Conference 2017
  • Spring Workshop in Breda (May 2018) during which
    • we had a brainstorm session about possible topics for upcoming interdisciplinary projects
    • we wrote the scenario of one virtual interdisciplinary project based on the brainstorm session.
  • Barbara Brooijmans (EPHEC) organized a first international interdisciplinary week in March 2018. 12 different partners registered for this week. A cooperation was set up with the company Full of Good.
  • Martina Chalupová presented another interdisciplinary week. For this specific week, students worked together with the company Bosch Diesel and several NGO’s. Therefore social work-students (from Groningen and Jihlava) and students with economic background (Erasmus students studying in Jihlava) were involved.


Virtual Interdisciplinary Project 2018-2018

Structure of virtual project

  • Week 1 Kick-off: Skype meeting of 2 hours during which groups can get to know each other; students get the task to define their roles within the team and to define specific tasks to perform within that role
  • Week 2: design thinking 3 to 4 hours conference call. Students have to come up with several ideas after this session. During 2 weeks students have to make 1 idea more concrete and turn it into 1 concept. They already have to check with elderly people if the concept would work or not.
  • Week 4: students pitch their concept using a small video of 2 minutes during a virtual conference call. After the pitch and the feedback each group received, students have to set up a plan of approach
  • Week 5: students hand in their plan of approach, containing the project planning and a first analysis of the electronic devise (specific features of it). After receiving feedback each group can start with the specific work-out
  • Week 7: presentation of development
  • Week 9: presentation of development
  • Week 11: final presentation of their website and other channels to promote their devise, the financial plan, the marketing strategy and they have to give a demonstration of how the devise work.

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