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Working Group Chair / Co Chairs

Rob de With

Avans University of Applied Sciences

Aims of Working Group

Selecting, completing and discussing the below mentioned questions.

  • Value definition of entrepreneurship education
  • How do we set up education for the next entrepreneur?
  • Educating business ownership or educating business attitude?
  • A changing world and the effect on education. Where does the student land?
  • Research on the qualified reflective entrepreneur / professional
  • Setting up an international lean start up event

Profile of Working Group Members

Teaching staff, programme managers and people with an entrepreneurial mind.

Activities of the Working Group

Planned activities for 2018

  • Sharing best practices in entrepreneurship education
  • Planning the second international lean start-up event
  • Developing a team with the research working group to set up a funded research on entrepreneurship in education


International entrepreneurship week 2018

  • End of March we have the intention to set up a second Lean Start-up event in Breda. This year’s challenge is to use the format in other universities to set up a carousel in exchange of students and lecturers.


Upcoming Student Events