Impressions of the Student Conference in Antwerp 24

Impressions of the Student Conference

a student's thoughts on the experience in Antwerp - by Aigul Y. (WSB Student)


I told myself, "Better late than never, I guess 😊 " and then I chose to write this post and share my thoughts with you. At the start of March,  I had a great chance to attend the 2024 Businet network student conference at the Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Antwerp, Belgium. This event really widened up my perspectives and taught me a lot about finding work abroad, working as a team, and making project relationships. It was interesting and rewarding to work with a group of students from different backgrounds. Antwerp is a city with over 100 different languages spoken, so exploring its international tapestry gave me a new point of view.
I want to thank Stuart Moss from the bottom of my heart for his inspiring addition to the conference, which I found to be very helpful. I also think Jurgen Basstanie's discussion regarding Antwerp's rich past and developing Intercultural competences, essential to remain Employable was highly informative. During the conference, thanks to Dale Lyon we also had the chance to learn more about transversal skills. These are skills that are useful in a variety of situations and are not specific to one job or industry. Instead, they are useful tools that people can use in their personal and professional lives. Thank you also to Griet Barrezeele, Michael Mubaiwa, Yvonne Farrand , the whole planning team, and everyone who took part for making this experience truly outstanding! 🙌
I also want also express my thanks to WSB University, where I'm getting my Master's, for giving me this amazing chance. Thanks a lot to Gabriela Węglarz for her assistance. 🌸
We improved a number of skills at the meeting, such as our ability to find work and our knowledge of other cultures. We learned how to deal with and accept different cultural points of view at work, and how to stay away from generalizations and stereotypes. We also talked about how important emotional intelligence is in both personal and professional environments, recognizing its central role in how people interact at work.
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Written by: Aigul Y. (Student Academia WSB) Published on: 30th April 2024

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