Student Blog "Whisky Marketing"

These blog articles are written by the students of the first “Whisky Marketing” project in Scotland,  an amazing start to this new project with Max MacFarlane giving an outstanding whisky tasting of some outstanding select whisky with a true taste of Scotland.

Day 1

Today me and Arno went for a walk to the Kelpies. We had a great cappuccino and saw some mountains aswell. In the late afternoon we had an interesting info session about the project and were divided into groups. Me Chloé and Alexis are forming a group. We had a nice chat and the vibes were good. After that we had a very delicious dinner and Whisky tasting with a passionate expert.

Today we started of when Dale made groups in the conference room. We started with a small team building exercise, we got to know each other better and told each other something special about our self. Then we had Dale speak about the project itself and the approach for the coming days.

After that we had some free time and at 18:30 the taxis arrived and took us to the soo house to eat and taste whiskey. We had a nice dinner and got to experience the different kind of whiskeys that are made here in Scotland. After a nice diner and a pep talk from Dale we headed back to the hotel and of to bed!

The day started with me and Ilan going to see the Kelpies after a short walk we enjoyed a coffee there and went back to the hotel. At 16:00 Dale gave us a interestingen infosession, after that me Kristof Maelle and Maya got put together in a group. We had to think of 4 interesting facts about us as a group. To end the day we enjoyed an amazing Scottish buffet and after that we got to taste some amazing Scottish whisky given to us by an expert. We could also ask him questions about whisky that could help us in our project.

Day 2

It was a really cool day. We had a really delicious breakfast. We then went to the Falkirk distillery, which was really interesting, we learned a lot about the company and how whisky is made. Afterwards we had a little International culture and communication course, which was quite funny. At the end of the tour, we even received a small bottle of the company's whisky. We went back to the hotel and worked on the project. And we're off to the Christmas market this evening! It was a great day !

Day 3

Today was a peaceful day. We began our day by having breakfast at the hotel. We then had a morning briefing where Julia and Dale explained us about transversal communication and how to present a enriching pitch. At 10 a.m we went to a “house” that’s actually a museum which is called “Callender House” where we learned a bit more about Falkirk itself. Afterwards, we visited the Kelpies. There we saw a big sculpture of 2 horses and we took something to drink and to eat. We then went back to the hotel. We worked on our project for 3 hours straight and we finished the day by sharing a great meal in the restaurant of the hotel.

Written by: Dale Lyon and students attending the event Published on: 29th November 2023

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