Businet as a member of European funded projects

Businet supports members by becoming involve in European funded projects.

Businet is currently involved in two such projects currently. Both came from discussions held in the Entrepreneur working group.

We are awaiting the outcome of 4 more applications that have been lodged by members, and in which Businet will take the role of dissemination partner, should the applications prove successful.


"The Third Way (T3W): Development of a new curriculum that supports and promotes Social Enterprise as a destination of choice for European vocational and higher education graduates"

The Third Way project is progressing well, and will be complete by February 2022.

The project aims “To create innovative and accessible learning programmes that support understanding and awareness of social enterprise. The curriculum devised will be available in digital form such as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) or through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) via a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as well as delivered as innovative face-to-face programmes of study.”, are being achieved. A short programme organised by IES in Lisbon was attended by a number of students from Businet member institutes. The MOOCs are currently being developed. You can find what is available to date at www.thethirdway.eu.


The partners in the project are very excited by the progress that is being made and we are happy to share the good work with you!



The second project is also a Erasmus KA 2 VET project Entrepreneurship and Mental Well-being (Entre-MWB)

Entre MWB aims to “Develop practical and reflective learning material that supports and promotes Mental Well-Being (MWB) amongst entrepreneurs of Europe”. (https://entremwb.eu/)

The Project Goal is: The project seeks to support the entrepreneur across Europe and to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of European start-ups by developing supportive and educational materials that support their health and well-being.

This project is 8 months into a two-year project period. Initial research has been done, with the support of Businet members and an initial conference held in June 2021. This was a well-attended and full event with excellent keynote speakers and fascinating discussions. The discussions will shape future activities of the project.  


For full details of the projects look at the respective websites.

The Third Way  www.thethirdway.eu

Entre – MWB   https://entremwb.eu/