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Business Language and Information System

To support our institutions in the development of our students and staff necessary intercultural knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to communicate and interact effectively across cultures through an internationalized curriculum and international learning activities @home and abroad.

Working Group Chair / Co Chairs

Maria Ángeles Sánchez Carrascal

NHLStenden University of Applied Sciences

Aims of Working Group

1.   to integrate international, intercultural, and global perspectives into the curriculum.

·   joint-curriculum development

·   benchmarking

·   quality assurance


2.   to provide intercultural learning experiences to help students and staff to further develop their intercultural knowledge and skills

·   increase student and staff mobility

·   initiate projects 

o   short track projects

o   virtual projects

Profile of Working Group Members

Teaching Staff, International Officers, Coaches and Program Managers

Activities of the Working Group

Activities in past 12 Months (to August 2016)

·       Project MAC2Warsaw (managing across cultures to Warsaw) October 2018

·       Virtural project: Reallity-TV March 2018

·       Madrid Experience:  Spanish for Business project May 2018


Planned activities for 2018-19 (August 2018 to July 2019)

·       Project MAC2 (managing across cultures) 2019

·       Virtural project: Reallity-TV 2019

·       Madrid Experience: Spanish for Business project 2019

·       To be discussed: JAP project: Job Application Process

·       Businet Spring Conference 2019