Digitalization and inclusion @the workplace

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5 April 2020 - 10 April 2020

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University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna - Wohlmutstraße 22 1020 Wien

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Please email Claudia Redtenbacher at


How can technological innovations support employees with special needs in selected Austrian organizations and companies

Learning outcomes - by the end of the International Week, the students are able to...

  • foster their verbal and non-verbal as well as written communication and collaboration skills.
  • actively use English as a shared language to communicate in a culturally appropriate and linguistically adequate manner
    across cultures.
  • act responsibly and enhance their problem- solving skills in an intercultural setting.
  • further improve their presentation and free-speaking skills in their new, intercultural groups.
  • encourage out-of-the box thinking and innovative brainstorming in intercultural groups.
  • reflect on their own behavior and progress in intercultural teams by regularly participating in group discussions and writing entries in their reflection journals.
  • manage complex projects and do research in intercultural teams and present their findings effectively.
  • be a role model for others in terms of teamwork and support to reach a common goal.
  • develop new approaches/ideas of how to use the latest technological innovations to support employees with special needs at the workplace.

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