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The Communications group gathers teaching staff and programme managers. Together, they work on the development of common projects and courses and also encouraging teaching staff mobility.

Working Group Chair / Co Chairs

Brigitte Luyten

PXL University College

Aims of Working Group

  • The elaboration of common projects for communication members (HEDCOM)
  • Teaching staff mobility
  • Joint course development

Profile of Working Group Members

Mostly teaching staff, some-international relations coordinators-and programme directors

Activities of the Working Group

 Activities in past 12 Months (to August 2018)

·        Spring meeting of the communications working group in Breda, May 2018

·        The Noémie Briand project (French artist-jeweller), Paris, April 2018 (hosted by ISTEC)

Planned activities for 2018-2019 (September 2018 to July 2019)

·        Fall meeting of the communications working group at the annual Businet conference in Tallinn.  Presentation of the new project proposal.

·        The new project will take place in Durham in April 2019.